Erika Sawajiri (沢尻 エリカ, Sawajiri Erika, born April 8, 1986) is a former Japanese actress, singer, and model. After starting out as a junior model, Sawajiri transitioned to acting in 2002 and has starred in Break Through!, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, and 1 Litre of Tears, for all of which she received several newcomer acting awards. Sawajiri also launched a singing career through the 2006 television drama Taiyō no Uta, where her first commercially-released song of the same name was certified Million by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. She later released solo music under the name Erika.
In 2007, Sawajiri went on hiatus after her public image was affected by her controversial statements and personal relationships. She later returned to acting in 2010 and starred in Helter Skelter, for which she received a Best Leading Actress nomination at the 36th Japan Academy Film Prize. On November 16, 2019, she was arrested for drug possession, and during her trial in January 2020, she stated that she had no plans on continuing her career.

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