erotic wear

An erotic dance is a dance that provides erotic entertainment and whose objective is the stimulation of erotic or sexual thoughts or actions in viewers. Erotic dance is one of several major dance categories based on purpose, such as ceremonial dance, competitive dance, participation dance, performance dance and social dance.
The erotic dancer's clothing is often minimal, and may be gradually decreased or eliminated altogether. In some areas of the United States where exposure of nipples or genitalia is illegal, a dancer may wear pasties and g-string to stay within the law.
Nudity, however, is not a requirement of erotic dance. The culture and the ability of the human body is a significant aesthetic component in many dance styles.
Erotic dances include the following dance forms or styles:

Erotic dances are sometimes mistakenly referred to (or euphemised) as exotic dances. While there is overlap, they are not the same. Not all exotic dances are erotic, and vice versa.

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