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On August 31, 2014, a collection of nearly 500 private pictures of numerous celebrities, mostly women, with many containing nudity, were posted on the imageboard 4chan, and soon disseminated by other users on websites and social networks such as Imgur and Reddit. The leak has been popularly dubbed The Fappening and also Celebgate. The images were initially believed to have been obtained via a breach of Apple's cloud services suite iCloud, or a security issue in the iCloud API which allowed them to make unlimited attempts at guessing victims' passwords. Apple claimed in a press release that access was gained via spear phishing attacks.The incident was met with varied reactions from the media and fellow celebrities. Critics felt the distribution of the photos was a major invasion of privacy for their subjects, while some of the alleged subjects denied the images' authenticity. The leak also prompted increased concern from analysts surrounding the privacy and security of cloud computing services such as iCloud—with a particular emphasis on their use to store sensitive, private information.

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    Photo A Wild Wild West Party Gallery [User Krot]

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