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  1. fallen

    MacOS Android PC Savior – New Version 0.12b [Purple Fellas]

    Savior is about to guy who genetically engineered by his scientist parents due to their infertility, but there was also another reason behind their decision. The world we are living was in great danger. The threat that our world had to face was far greater than any other distress we have ever...
  2. fallen

    MacOS PC My New Neighbors – New Version 1.15 [Rmaximus]

    Info: You are just a guy living a normal life, until one day your weird new neighbors show up to introduce themselves, what follows will change your world forever. The game is a sandbox, with a focus on corrupting and building your own harem of girls, that will become their hottest selves...
  3. fallen

    MacOS Android PC Lust of Pain – Version 0.1 [Vilkas Creative]

    Info: Our character who lost his mother to cancer at a young age, lives with his step mother, step sister and father. After a long depression,he decided to go into business and meet new people. Our character who lived ordinary life at first is enjoying life unaware that he will be tested with...
  4. fallen

    MacOS Android PC Bare Witness – New Chapter 4 [AlterWorlds]

    Info: When a young man heads off to art school after a major upheaval in his life, he has no idea that someone from his past is waiting there to potentially cause further disaster. Ch. 4 Renders – 2,750+ Words – 68,000+ Animations – 170 Songs – 40+ Language: English Version: Chapters 1-4...
  5. fallen

    PC Primal Ecstasy – New Chapter 3 [Imfamus]

    Info: You are an engaged college graduate from a wealthy family. You have a great job and a perfect life. But one day, while you are away on a business trip, your parents and fiancé all die tragically in a plane crash. You are devastated and overwrought with grief. Your life falls apart. You...
  6. fallen

    MacOS PC Your Place – Version 0.01 [ColeWallace92]

    Info: Your Place is a 3D visual novel, with RPG elements, set in a world dominated by women and futanaris. You are a young man who lives with his two sisters and works like clerk for a big company. One day, when you return from work, you are kidnapped and forced to find a, mysterious video in...
  7. fallen

    MacOS Android PC Kunoichi Trainer – New Version 0.20.1 [Dinaki]

    Slave trainer in the Naruto world. There will be 3 girls: Ino, Sakura and Hinata. v0.20.1 Bug fixes v0.20 Added new character: Anko Added 12 events for Anko. Added a sequel to the restaurant and Yuki event. English translation is built into the game. Mod with English translation is...
  8. fallen

    MacOS Android PC Innocence Or Money – New Version 0.0.6 [MarcialART]

    Info: Jennifer is the MC of the history. She is very innocent and comes from a mini town called Greensdale, she has never been to the city and has no idea what will await her when she arrives and the situations she will face. But you will help her and decide what to do in most of those...
  9. fallen

    MacOS Android PC Project2 – New Version 0.13r [GoodTriangle]

    This tale is a mythical detective novel about someone named Nathan. He’s just your typical, a bit stereotypical, office worker, who was forced into circumstances he couldn’t possibly prepare himself for. Those circumstances truly flipped his life upside down. Maybe now he will be able to find a...
  10. fallen

    Android PC Darkness Revenge – New Version 0.11.0 [Deva Games]

    Info: You can choose whether to play with the male or female protagonist. This is a vampire horror with multiple choices and endings. Changelog v0.11.0 200 new images 3 animations 4500 words Date: 10.10.2022 Language: English, Italian Version: 0.11.0 Censored: No 1. Extract and run...
  11. fallen

    MacOS Android PC Family Again – New Version 0.3.3 [F_Dot]

    Overview Info: The protagonist is a father, he was forced to leave his daughter and lover more than 10 years ago because of some issues, now, he returned to the city where he has his daughter and lover, can he get his daughter and lover back? What will happen to them next? What has happened in...
  12. fallen

    MacOS Android PC Vampire Hunter – New Version 0.02 [TheBlindDev]

    Overview Info: You play as the MC (Male): After finishing High School while working a part-time job to make money. You and girlfriend are trying to figure out what to do with your life together. Sadly you don’t get to live happily ever after with your girlfriend, shortly after she leaves after a...