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  1. fallen

    Android PC Darkness Revenge – New Version 0.11.0 [Deva Games]

    Info: You can choose whether to play with the male or female protagonist. This is a vampire horror with multiple choices and endings. Changelog v0.11.0 200 new images 3 animations 4500 words Date: 10.10.2022 Language: English, Italian Version: 0.11.0 Censored: No 1. Extract and run...
  2. fallen

    MacOS Android PC Family Again – New Version 0.3.3 [F_Dot]

    Overview Info: The protagonist is a father, he was forced to leave his daughter and lover more than 10 years ago because of some issues, now, he returned to the city where he has his daughter and lover, can he get his daughter and lover back? What will happen to them next? What has happened in...
  3. fallen

    MacOS Android PC Vampire Hunter – New Version 0.02 [TheBlindDev]

    Overview Info: You play as the MC (Male): After finishing High School while working a part-time job to make money. You and girlfriend are trying to figure out what to do with your life together. Sadly you don’t get to live happily ever after with your girlfriend, shortly after she leaves after a...