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Akeno Watanabe (渡辺 明乃, Watanabe Akeno, born November 18, 1982) is a Japanese voice actress and narrator affiliated with Office Osawa. Some of her notable voice roles include Robin Sena in Witch Hunter Robin, Chachamaru Karakuri in Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Halle Lidner in Death Note, Rito Yuki in To Love Ru, Liz Thompson in Soul Eater, Hitch Dreyse in Attack on Titan, and Hamsuke in Overlord.

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  1. Bastard

    Video MUKC-026 Off-paco Orgy With Sick Kawa Back Dirt Girls Who Like Sex Too Much. Creampie, Squirting, Squirting. Mao Watanabe Yume Kotoishi

    MUKC-026 えちえち過ぎる地雷系少女 セックスが好きすぎる病みカワ裏垢少女たちとオフパコ乱交。中出し、潮吹き、イキまくり。 渡辺まお 琴石ゆめる Video Informations: DVD-Code: MUKC-026 Release Date: 2022-07-19 Genres: JAV Censored, Cosplay, Creampie, Beautiful Girl, Cowgirl, Promiscuity, Digital Mosaic Casts: Watanabe Mao, Kotoishi Yume ScreenShot Watch Online...
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