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What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? is a 1970 American hidden-camera style reality film directed by Candid Camera creator Allen Funt. In the film, Funt secretly records people's reactions to unexpected encounters with nudity or sexuality in unusual situations.
While the film does contain some titillating material and both male and female full frontal nudity, a large amount of the film involves Funt talking to people about sexuality and sexual topics. Whereas Funt's other productions had to fall within Federal Communications Commission guidelines prohibiting nudity and sexual content on the airwaves, this film was outside the FCC's jurisdiction and Funt was free to incorporate them into the film.
In the U.S., the film was originally rated X by the Motion Picture Association of America; an edited version was rated R in 1982. When submitted to the British Board of Film Classification in 1970, the film was originally rejected, then rated X; a 1988 video release was rated 18.
The film was released on VHS in the 1980s, with a DVD released on December 6, 2011.

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